Androids may dream of Electric Sheep, but Electric Sheep dream of Pieter Wuille.
The 32bit nonce of every block during Pieter Wuille's birthday is the hash of his name.
Pieter Wuille doesn't wear his shirt inside-out, he reverse engineers existence.
If every copy of the blockchain would be deleted Pieter Wuille can recreate it from memory.
Pieter Wuille has the same water repelling properties as Magic Sand.
Pieter Wuille once calculated a 256-bit SHA on an abacus, and the resulting block gave 25 bitcoins to charity.
If all else fails, bitcoin should be restarted by syncing the code and the blockchain directly from Wuille's mind.
Pieter Wuille won the underhanded crypto contest but his entry was so underhanded nobody even knows he entered.
Only Pieter Wuille can name things harder to prononce than Pieter Wuille.
Pieter Wuille's yaks shave each other.