Pieter Wuille once stopped a riot at the courthouse by segregating the witnesses.
We are all actually living in a simulated reality created by Pieter Wuille.
Pieter Wuille's full name hashes to 11.
Pieter Wuille's handwritten signature is a valid DER encoding.
Pieter Wuille once beat three real hippos in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
It is a Bitcoin consensus rule that when Pieter's hard drive is full no more blocks can be added.
When Pieter Wuille compiles code, the compiler asks Pieter if there's any error.
Pieter Wuille's work on Segregated Witness was rooted in an unconscious desire to prevent people from malleating the pronunciation of his surname.
Miners pay Pieter Wuille to include his transactions.
Once I took my hardware wallet with me at a bitcoin meetup. When it sensed Pieter Wuille it started begging him for a signature.