Pieter Wuille is the quantum state of bitcoin.
Pieter Wuille doesn't mine blocks through repeated use of the SHA256 hash function. He simply looks at the block header and applies the appropriate nonce.
Pieter Wuille once wrote a constant time generator for generating constant time cryptographic code.
We are all actually living in a simulated reality created by Pieter Wuille.
Satoshi Nakamoto is really an AI, created by Future Pieter Wuille, that was sent back in time to create bitcoin.
Pieter Wuille won the underhanded crypto contest but his entry was so underhanded nobody even knows he entered.
If Pieter Wuille's code fails, he didn't write bad code. The compiler compiled it wrong.
Pieter Wuille can eat all the Segwit Pie he wants.
When they go out, Pieter Wuille pays for his parents.
Greg Maxwell is a bot created by Pieter Wuille to argue on reddit while he can get code done.