If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, Pieter Wuille knows.
Pieter Wuille codes // Enlightened Zen master floats // Haikus trickle down.
Pieter Wuille recently visited an event horizon and escaped with a cryptographic proof.
When they go out, Pieter Wuille pays for his parents.
Pieter Wuille once coincidentally mindmapped the entire human genome on an 11x14 whiteboard.
Pieter Wuille's PhD thesis defence in full: "Pieter Wuille, thank you".
The longest chain is whichever one Pieter Wuille is on.
Androids may dream of Electric Sheep, but Electric Sheep dream of Pieter Wuille.
When the Wikipedia servers corrupted all data including backups, Pieter Wuille had to stay awake all night to retype it.
Pieter Wuille vanity sites are not run by Pieter Wuille.