It is a Bitcoin consensus rule that when Pieter's hard drive is full no more blocks can be added.
Pieter Wuille can eat all the Segwit Pie he wants.
Pieter Wuille is an acronym for Programmatic Intelligent Encrypted Telemetric Encapsulated Recursive Witness Upscaling Integrated Load-Balancing Logical Entity.
Pieter Wuille doesn't write code, he wills it into existence.
The 32bit nonce of every block during Pieter Wuille's birthday is the hash of his name.
Putting Pieter Wuille in the title of an r/Bitcoin submission gets more upvotes than the same post from Pieter Wuille himself.
If you SHA256 the IPA pronunciation of Pieter Wuille, the result is 0. Fortunately, nobody but Pieter Wuille knows what that is.
Pieter Wuille recently visited an event horizon and escaped with a cryptographic proof.
When they go out, Pieter Wuille pays for his parents.
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, Pieter Wuille knows.