Pieter Wuille once beat three real hippos in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
The longest chain is whichever one Pieter Wuille is on.
Only Pieter Wuille can name things harder to prononce than Pieter Wuille.
Pieter Wuille doesn't need the public key to calculate the corresponding private key.
When the Wikipedia servers corrupted all data including backups, Pieter Wuille had to stay awake all night to retype it.
Pieter Wuille trusts nobody but Bob.
Pieter Wuille once coincidentally mindmapped the entire human genome on an 11x14 whiteboard.
The blockchain is getting bigger, yet every time Pieter Wuille uses his fingers it takes less to sync - if we extrapolate, singularity?
Once I lost my wallet password, Pieter Wuille decrypted my wallet by using IPA pronunciation of his name.
Pieter Wuille is an acronym for Programmatic Intelligent Encrypted Telemetric Encapsulated Recursive Witness Upscaling Integrated Load-Balancing Logical Entity.